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Answers For Students

How do I get started using course reserves?

For Students using Moodle
Your course reserves list may be available in Moodle. To access your course reserves list, log in to, open your course, and look for the "Course Reserves" block. Then click the "Access Library Reserves System" link.

For All Other Students
Begin by logging in using your Simmons username and password, and then search for courses and add them to your profile. View this tutorial for help getting started. We have an FAQ for any questions. You can contact the Reserves Desk at or 617-521-2796 with any other questions

How do I find course reserves for my course?

After you log in, select Search For Courses from the menu on the left-hand side of the page. You can search for courses by course number, department, or professor.

Where do I get the password for my course?

Your professor will be able to give you the password for your course. Each course has a unique password that restricts access to its reserve list.

Answers For Faculty
How do I get started setting up my courses?

For Faculty using Simmons Moodle

You can create and manage your course reserves list from the Moodle site. Log in to your course at and add the Course Reserves block to setup your course reserves.

For detailed instructions watch this video tutorial or read complete instructions. More information is available via Simmons Technology Service Desk Support site.

For All Other Faculty

We have a video tutorial and full documentation available to help you get started using the library course reserves system.